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The Only Rose Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

Ever heard of a rose that will never die?  Does it sound like a hoax?  Far off dream?  Not any more.  This mother’s day, get all the mom’s in your life the only rose guaranteed to last a lifetime.  You can only find it one place.  Steven Singer Jewelers.  This year, he’s introduced the most beautiful color he’s ever created, radiant orchid.  Each rose is handpicked and hand dipped and trimmed in 24kt pure gold.  A gift that is thoughtful, unique, and will last forever!  So don’t send mom the cliche over priced tulips that will end up in the trash next week.  Send her a gift that will last a lifetime, a radiant orchid gold dipped rose from the biggest Mother of them all… Steven Singer.

Radiant Orchid Gold Dipped Rose from Steven Singer Jewelers

Radiant Orchid Gold Dipped Rose from Steven Singer Jewelers

Radiant Orchid Gold Dipped Rose from Steven Singer Jewelers

Radiant Orchid Gold Dipped Rose from Steven Singer Jewelers

8th Annual World’s Largest #bubblebath

I have to say, I’m kind of impressed.  We’ve managed to keep one of the craziest, out of the box, destined for failure promotions in radio history alive for 8 years.  8 years!  That’s over $400,000 in prizes we’ve awarded.  That’s over 25 engagements!

On August 8, 2013, the 8th annual World’s Largest #bubblebath will commence.  Bright and early, Angelo Cataldi and his morning team will broadcast live at the Other Corner of 8th and Walnut at 6am.  We’ll be here even earlier.  At 5am, we’ll begin filling our 1200 square foot show room with bubbles to the ceiling!  All in preparation for 10 lucky ladies to dive in the bath and search for prizes.  One will emerge a champion with a $10,000 pair of diamond stud earrings from Steven Singer Jewelers.  One will ride off into the sunset on a Harley Davidson from Barb’s Harley Davidson.  The other ladies will walk away with jewelry from Steven Singer Jewelers, so no one dives in for nothing!

This year, we will have a record of 3 marriages, live on air!  3 crazy in love couples have been given wedding bands from Steven Singer, and will say their vows live on air in the bubble bath.  It could be romantically wonderful, or the perfect disaster.

So come hang out with us.  Free barbecue (delicious barbecue) from Bigg Dutts will be outside.  Tastykakes will be raining from the sky.  And we’ll be watching Angelo Cataldi, Rhea Hughes, Al Morganti, and 10 beautiful ladies run around all morning.  And of course, we’re super excited to welcome back Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek to the event!

Don’t miss it!

The World’s Largest #bubblebath
739 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Can’t make it?

Watch live!


Winners with Steven at 7th Annual #BubbleBath

Winners with Steven at 7th Annual #BubbleBath

Julie Dorenbos with Susie Celek and Steven Singer at 7th #Bubblebath

Julie Dorenbos with Susie Celek and Steven Singer at 7th #Bubblebath

Bigg Dutts BBQ #Bubblebath

Bigg Dutts BBQ #Bubblebath

Barb's Harley Davidson

Barb's Harley Davidson

America’s Coolest Store!

AMERICAS COOLEST STORES LOGO (3) (800x781)Steven Singer Jewelers is proud to share the news of their honorable mention in InStore Magazines America’s Coolest Store contest!

As part of the elite top 10 BIG COOL stores in the country, Steven Singer Jewelers is honored to be recognized in InStore Magazines August edition.

What makes us so cool?  You guessed it.  Our fun, irreverent advertising and extreme focus on the male customer.

Check out the rest of the winners here

America’s Coolest Store contest is in its 12th year and received 89 entries for the 2013 awards.

Dear Abby, your advice is almost correct, half the time…

“When a man is ready to propose,” she writes, “it would be prudent for him to visit a jeweler and ask that some rings — or stones — in his price range be set aside. Then he can pop the question, and if the woman says yes, take her to the jeweler to select something she would enjoy wearing. This will prevent an unpleasant and expensive surprise should the lady say no.”

This was recently published in the Dear Abby advice column.  So which half are you?

About half of men bring their significant others into our jewelry store to pick out their engagement ring.  Half.  So by listening to the advice of a columnist, you maybe proposing empty handed and coming up short.

Yes, the couple maybe picking out the ring together half of the time.  However, there still comes a proposal once the ring is ready for presentation to the woman.  Yes, the proposal, with ring, is still the most important moment of that woman’s life.  So don’t skip it!

And over here at Steven Singer Jewelers, we offer a full 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee.  So don’t propose empty handed for fear of an “expensive surprise should the lady say no”!  Even if she wants to change the ring, you can do that, too.  We’re flexible, so you can be!

See more at:

Reason #482

We’re pretty sure there are a million reasons to hate Steven Singer.  Well, for the month of June, we’ll be dedicating it to reason #482.  The celebration of the “I Love You Gift”.

That’s right, during the month of June you’ll hear Steven Singer talking about the “I Love You Gift”.  The joys of the “I Love You Gift” will be heard by women across the country, to the horror of many men.  Women will be introduced to the jewelry gift that’s given without reason.  The diamond gift that lasts forever, and sole purpose is to declare your love.  It will be ingrained in women’s minds as the most thoughtful piece of jewelry they’ve ever received.

So let’s celebrate the “I Love You Gift” with women across the country!

Keep calm and shop on gentlemen.  Steven Singer makes it easy and affordable to wow your lady with that “I Love You Gift” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check out the top 10 “I Love You Gifts” out at

I Love You Gifts from Steven Singer Jewelers

I Love You Gifts from Steven Singer Jewelers

Top 7 Gifts for Mom

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner… how many of these gifts have you already given Mom?  Looking for some new ideas?

#7 – Gift Basket for Mom

#6 – Home Decor items

#5 – Spa Gift Certificates

#4 – Sweet treats (These gifts always seem to wind up in my father’s belly.)

#3 – Perfume

#2 – Fresh Flowers

#1 – Mother’s Day Brunch

Want to give Mom something unique this Mother’s Day?  We have gifts that will last a lifetime!

Mother's Day Gifts from Steven Singer Jewelers

Mother's Day Gifts from Steven Singer Jewelers

Oh Canada!

FedEx Shipping to Canada Now Available!

FedEx Shipping to Canada Now Available!

Oh Canada!  It’s been many years of phone calls, emails, tweets, and posts from you, Canada.  You want our gold dipped roses, our new silver jewelry, and our beautiful engagement rings.  We have said NO for all those years.  Well, no longer will we turn you away!  We have finally worked out a great shipping solution with FedEx so our friends across the border can shop at  And the best part?  It’s fast and affordable!  For those that live in a FedEx Delivery Area, shipments are delivered with in 3 business days, most the next business day!  So, I think it was worth the wait, Canada.  We’ve been working hard for you!

Pashmina? WTF is that?

Free Gift with Purchase of our #1 Mother's Day Necklace

Free Gift with Purchase of our #1 Mother's Day Necklace

Ok, so our marketing is usually aimed at guys, right?  Stern listening, holiday dreading, procrastinating, help seeking men.  So… what happens when we throw a word like PASHMINA into our messaging?  Well, we apologize of course!  Because how the heck are you supposed to know what a pashmina is?  Some fancy word that doesn’t relate to sports, business, or tools.  Well gentlemen… a pashmina is simply a scarf.  Not the cold weather, bundle up, functional kind of scarf.  Women wear them just because.  Women wear them because they look pretty.  Women wear them to feel comfortable.  Women wear them in the heat, the cold, the spring, the fall… And women love them.  Every color, every texture, every size… they love them.  So, trust me when we say you’re going to want this free gift for your Mom, Mother-in-law, or Mother of your children.

Your welcome.

50 Shades of Diamonds

I’ve been biting my tongue for approximately 42 days now.  For 42 days I have seen Christmas decorations, Black Friday offers, and Salvation Army collection volunteers.  I have seen the holidays all around me.  But yet, I vowed, not to shove the impending holiday season down the throats of my customers.  I like you all too much for that.  But today, I looked at the calendar, and it is November.  I personally have a lot of holiday shopping to do.  So… if you don’t want to THINK about the holidays, check back after Thanksgiving.  For those of you who are ready to get that holiday shopping checklist completed, this is for you.

50 Shades of Diamonds

50 Shades of Diamonds

We have a good grasp on what’s new and beautiful.  In following trend, what’s old is new again.  The #1 jewelry gift this year is diamond studs.  Diamond stud earrings have long been the staple gift of the jewelry world.  They’re the little black dress of jewelry.  Women love to wear them, for work or for play.  And this year, we’re combining the classic stud gift, with the season’s hottest trend… colored diamonds!

Show your support. Wear your 9/11 Never Forget Pin!

Over the past 4 years, we’ve been making our 9/11 Never Forget Pins available to the general public across the country.   Michael Smerconish, nationally syndicated radio and tv host has spearheaded the effort.  Michael alone has been the vehicle in which we’ve reached the many supporters.  Without him, none of this would have transpired nor have been such a success.   Together we’ve raised over $300,000 from both small donations of $10, and larger donations from companies and organizations.  We’ve received thousands of emails, phone calls, and hand written notes.  Each tells a story of how 9/11 effected them, then and now.  Many told us of stories of gifting their 9/11 pin to strangers, and coming back to order more.  Its a magical phenomenon, and an extraordinary tale of humanity among ordinary people.

These pins have touched everyone.  Below is an email received the 2nd year pins were available.  We’ll share other emails throughout the weeks leading up to the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

As a survivor from the 105th Floor of 2 WTC, I must tell you that your pins are an incredibly fitting tribute to those lost that day and an outstanding way to help us all “never forget”. My pin was given to me by my sister-in-law and I where it EVERY DAY on my shirt lapel. Even more impressively, I now have a small but significant tattoo on my right wrist (see attached photo), the hand I cross my heart with, that is a replica of the pin. It is my way of “marking” my experience and always remembering.

I have just ordered 10 pins to give to those who I run across that deserve such an honor. Thanks for making them available again and, most importantly, for remembering and honoring those lost.

If you are interested in my story as a survivor, check out my web site at

To order your pin, visit our website here.

To read more about the fundraising efforts and the story of Flight93, go here.

To learn more about Michael Smerconish and his extraordinary efforts in supporting Flight 93, go here.